A New Year’s Eve Wedding

blog_anh_4314a_croppedLover’s Point Beach, Pacific Grove, California


Amy and Michael tied the knot yesterday on New Year’s Eve. They welcomed a brand new year today as they begin their lives together. What a great start! I’m so happy for them.

It was an absolute pleasure photographing their special day. I arrived at Amy’s Lighthouse Cottage in Pacific Grove at 1PM to capture Amy and her bridal party getting ready. By 2PM we were on our way to St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea, a beautiful red church just a few blocks away. I met with Father Vincent, who was very soft-spoken and super sweet as he gave me an overview of the ceremony. He kindly showed me where I could stand during the communion.

Shortly after the ceremony, we walked down to Lover’s Point Beach to take a few photos before heading over to Poppy’s Hill Country Club, where Amy’s father used to play golf professionally. The reception was held in a cozy room above ground level with a balcony overlooking the golf course. Everyone had such a great time together—celebrating love with the newly weds and welcoming the new year! Even I had chance to put down the camera and chat with bride’s father, who encouraged me to take golf lessons after sharing his start-up experience in the 90’s in an attempt to create the world’s first robotic caddy.

selfie-photobomed-by-groomSelfie with the bride’s father; photobombed by the groom and groomsman.

The wedding ended before midnight. Amy booked a private cottage for me to spend the night so that I could rest and drive back the next morning. Even though the drive back was only 2 hours, she worried that New Year’s Eve traffic might make it worse.

I didn’t go to the cottage immediately though. A friend who lives nearby invited me over to her house to spend New Year’s Eve with her family. Her family had dinner already, but when I came there was still a few plates full of food…as always. There was even egg rolls! I guess her mom knew I’m a fan of fried food. In fact, my friend called to confirm if I was coming over so she could fry the egg rolls. 😀 To top it off, I finished the meal with a fresh coconut that was skillfully opened by my friend in exactly four cuts, creating an opening large enough for me to scoop out the coconut meat with a spoon after drinking the juice. I felt spoiled by the end of the night.

I got to the cottage around 2AM and crashed until the next morning. I left the cottage around noon and met up with friend and her sisters in Monterey for a meal full of laughters!

cottage-in-pacific-groveThe cute cottage Amy booked for me.

bubba-gump-drinksNew Year lunch with friends at Bubba Gump, which followed by lots of desserts.


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